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  Pinetum Christmas Trees
Our Products
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Photos of our products:

Pricing information follows...

Sheared Large Concolor Fir   Sheared, Large Concolor Fir (2023 photo)
Marshall Stacy uses an aerial device for shearing Pinetum's special large Christmas trees.   Columbia, South Carolina Capitol Christmas Tree

Sheared, #1 Douglas Fir

Slightly more open, suitable for larger ornaments.


Semi-sheared Extra Large Douglas Fir

Still beautiful Christmas trees but less tightly sheared for a more natural appearance.


Special Large Cut Trees 2021–2025

All prices below include hand-tie charge

No Douglas under 12' Premium #1 Semi–sheared
Sheared Douglas & Concolor Firs      
10' $135 $90 $65
11' $190 $140 $95
12' $265 $205 $145
12'–14' $390 $310 $195
14'–16' $690 $585 $410
16'–18' $960 $605 $590
18'–20' $1255 $1055 $705
20'–22' $1625 $1420 $960
22'–24' $2105 $1910 $1320
24'–26' $2710 $2465 $1705
26'–28' $3560 $3015 $2030


$4365 $3815 $2630
30'–32' $5420 $4610 $3300
32'–35' $6730 $5720 $4400
35'–40' $9350 $7300 $5700

All trees cut and loaded FOB Pinetum


  • Minimum order $1000
  • Orders due before Sept. 1
  • Tree Total due before Oct. 1, to get 10% discount on trees
  • Late order after September 1, add 15%
  • Late payment fee after November 1, add 20%
  • All trees: base pruned, individually baled
  • MD Nursery Inspection #757
  • 15% Tagging Fee on orders under $5000
  • Reserve trees for up to 2 years ahead $250 each

Prices subject to availability
Last updated: 2023.

Pinetum Christmas Trees
1037 Fort Hill Road
Swanton, Maryland
(301) 387-4588